DIY Series – Caulking!

Interior caulking is a job you definitely don’t want to have to pay a professional to do, but if you don’t know much about the many different types of sealants or best practices for applying them you’ll probably end up with a big mess and an even bigger headache!

In this DIY episode we go over common types of caulks, their properties and intended uses, tricks to a clean and professional grade installation, and more.

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DIY Series – Power Saws!

Are you familiar with the most common types of power saws, and do you feel completely comfortable using them? Power saws are a must for many DIY home projects, but many people don’t know much beyond the basics.

In this video, we go over the most common types of power saws, their uses, how to operate them safely and more.

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DIY Series – Painting Tips!

Currently we here in PA, and many others throughout the country, are temporarily on a stay-at-home order due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Rather than waste time, I figured I would be productive and create a number of do-it-yourself (DIY) videos to help teach homeowners how to do tasks around the house that many either don’t know how to do or simply view beyond their abilities. In reality, many tasks are much easier than you might think, and what better time to learn to complete some long overdue home projects than when you’re forced to stay at home?

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The first video goes over painting tips and can be found here:

Now Offering Thermal Imaging!

We are excited to announce that we are now offering thermal imaging (infrared) services for inspections. To our knowledge, this service is not currently being offered elsewhere in our service area, and we are confident it will prove to be a very useful benefit to our clients.

Home inspections are non-invasive, meaning we do not tear apart any components to uncover potential defects during an inspection. Needless to say, this can be somewhat limiting as many possible defects may exist in non-visible or inaccessible areas.

The use of a thermal imaging camera greatly helps with this limitation. While our eyes can only see light from the visible light spectrum, a thermal imaging camera sees heat signatures – that is, the heat radiating off surfaces. Infrared is just one of several types of energy associated with the electromagnetic spectrum, but it is extremely valuable – especially for home and other building inspections.

A high quality infrared camera allows us to see potential leaks that can be verified with a moisture meter, as well as insulation voids, overheated electrical components, and even pests that may otherwise be undetectable. In short, what is normally invisible becomes visible, which greatly enhances our perception and our ability to provide a truly comprehensive report.

Needless to say, the ability to accurately interpret thermal images takes a good bit of training and knowledge. What may appear to be a leak may, in fact, be air leakage. An apparent temperature difference of only five degrees may, in fact, be 75 degrees when the emissivity of an object is taken into account. At HPI, we’re trained to understand these complex factors to provide you with accurate and highly valuable reporting.

If you’re in the Western PA area and in need of an inspection, give us a call to take advantage of all we have to offer, including our thermal imaging services.

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